3 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof on your home is a massive renovation project, and one that most hope they don’t have to do. But if you don’t do it on time, then there will be pretty big consequences. When it comes time, it will let you know. Learning more about these three factors can help property owners avoid the stress and exorbitant costs of emergency repairs jobs, and save you from potential home disaster.


Industry experts say that the expected lifespan of a shingle roof is only 15 to 30 years. Generally speaking, it’s reasonable for homeowners to expect the average roof to last for 20 to 25 years. However, this time frame also depends on craftsmanship, the local weather, the type of shingles on the roof, and the level of regular maintenance. Other variables to consider include the ventilation system and whether the roof was installed over an existing layer.

Missing Shingles

Replacing individual shingles is relatively easy, but it’s the symptom of a bigger problem. Patching in individual pieces can be done, but larger areas and blatant patchwork schemes usually make most homeowners replace the whole thing. Experts all agree, anytime you check the roof for quality or maintenance, look for missing shingles and make sure the shingle tabs are still intact.


Shingles either curl with the edges turning up, known as cupping, or with the middle coming up, known as clawing. These effects are the result of weathering and can become the source of leaks in the roofing. Signs of curling are usually an indication that the homeowner has one to five years before the shingles needs to be replaced. A sign that the shingles are curling will be the loose granules on the ground or missing granules on the roofing. If you begin to see this often, then the time has come.

Putting off replacing your roof could lead to home damage or injury. Although the majority will last a long time, there will ultimately come a time when replacement is needed. These 3 signs that it’s time to replace your roof can’t be ignored. Make sure you’ve got the right people to help you get a new one.