Bonus Referral Program

Word of mouth and referrals¬†have been our biggest source of business here in Barrie and surrounding area, and ALPS Roofing is offering you the opportunity to cash in on our good work. If you refer us to someone you know, and they decide to buy their complete roofing package from ALPS Roofing, you will receive a Bonus Referral fee between $50 and $1000,¬†or more depending on the size of the job. If it’s a large job you could be rewarded with several thousand dollars! You will receive your payment as soon as the job is completed and we have been paid in full.

There is no limit to the amount of Bonus Referral money you can receive, so the more customers you refer, the more money you can make.

Bonus Lawn Signs

We also have another Bonus for you! When you have ALPS Roofing do your new roof, you will have an opportunity to make some money by helping us advertise. If you allow us to display our lawn sign in your front yard, you will receive a lawn sign bonus from us at the end of the agreed upon term; up to $30/month for up to two months.

Bonus Neighbourhood Delivery

If you and a few of your Barrie neighbours need a new roof, we also offer Neighbourhood Bonuses. If we can save time and money by delivering materials at the same time to you and your neighbours, the savings will be passed on to you and your neighbours. The more materials we can deliver in one load, the more money you and your neighbours can save on your new roofs.