Flat Roofs and Deck Roofing

Alps Roofing Solution, is an advanced leak protection solutions company made up of professional roofers. We earned that name by using the most advanced roofing techniques in the industry, to be able to offer you not just a solution but a result and the best long-term protection on your investment.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial flat roofing system, insulation, ventilation, drainage and surface  membrane treatments are key factors in the performance of your Roofing system.

Reasons For New Roof Installation

  • Moss and fungus growing on the roof
  • Cracks and or peeling away on the laps
  • Bubbling spots on the surface
  • Spongy feeling to walk on is an indication of water logging or deterioration in the insulation
  • Leaks or water damage in the interior

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed, please give us a call at Alps Roofing Solution in Barrie, and have one of our professional flat roofing experts come do a thorough and detailed inspection of your flat roof, so we can help you find the best solution for your style of flat roof.

Your Roof Warranty

We offer up to 10 years workmanship warranties on flat roofing, when the proper procedures of installation and materials are used to meet Alps roofing solutions flat roofing standards.

Quality Roofing Materials

Let us help you get away from old school Tar and gravel style roofing systems. Our Barrie roofers will introduce you to  more evolved methods of using stronger, faster, cleaner, smarter materials with greater durability and longer life spans and just an all around Greener solution.

Our Most Common Flat Roofing Membranes Are:

  • TPO – a more up to date material that is white in surface appearance with heat welded seams  and helps reflect heat away in the summer and in return reduces air conditioning cooling costs of the building and is a great choice for larger applications as it is less expensive than EPDM
  • EPDM- is a black or white Rubber roofing membrane that uses adhesives to seal and secure itself to the insulation and decking and is extremely durable with longer life expectancy than other material applications