Does Your Attic Have the Proper Amount of Insulation?

Here are some signs you may need more insulation to meet the new 2012 standards of having an R50 rating of 18.5″ inches of insulation. The majority of homes have less than 8″ inches upon inspection.

Do You Have Any of the Following Symptoms?

  • Ice build-up and ice damming in the valleys or edges of your roof
  • Large icicles hanging from eavestroughs and roofs edges
  • Leaky roof
  • Areas inside that are cooler than others
  • High cooling and heating costs
  • Premature deterioration of the shingles on the roof


When properly insulated you can start to eliminate these symptoms and get back to the comfort of knowing that you are covered properly.

Give our professional roofers a call! Contact Alps Roofing Solutions, and let one of our trained Barrie Roofer’s do a proper detailed inspection of your attic insulation levels.