The Importance of Eavestroughs


Eavestroughs are integral to the structural maintenance of any house, but their importance is often overlooked. Eavestroughs are a series of piping that runs along the edges of your roof to direct rainwater, ice and snow to fall away from your home. Many home owners experience damage to their homes without realizing that broken or improperly installed eavestroughs may be to blame. Here are some of the reasons why working eavestroughs are crucial to keep your home in good condition.

Protect Your Foundation

Eavestroughs direct water away from the base of your home, which helps to maintain structural integrity. Allowing water to pool at the base of your home can cause leaks and internal damage to the foundation of your home. If water is allowed to freeze at the base of your home, it could create cracks in your foundation. Pooling water can also attract mold infestations. Keep your home structurally protected by making sure your eavestroughs are properly draining water away from your home.

Maintain Your Property Value

Functional eavestroughs can also help to increase the visual appeal. Water falling from your roof can create a splash back effect that can damage and dirty your exterior. This lowers your curb appeal and property value by making your house less visually attractive from the outside. This splash back effect doesn’t just impact the visual appearance of your home—it can also cause staining that is costly to fix. Water falling from your roof can also cause soil erosion that can kill plants and make it difficult for a garden to grow. All of these factors can lower your property value by making your home’s outdoor space chaotic and difficult to maintain. Improve the attractiveness of your home by making sure your eavestroughs are properly installed.

Just like plumbing is the interior drainage system in your home, eavestroughs are your home’s exterior drainage system. Having working eavestroughs is an important part of keeping your home protected against the elements. If you need your eavestroughs repaired or replaced, contact us at Alps Roofing Solutions for the efficient and professional service you deserve.